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Mentor - Design Thinking and Digital Prototyping

Founder - ATESH Labs, Silverink Foundation; Co-Founder - Lighting Lanterns Media works

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Mentor - Prototyping and 3D Modelling

Founder - Frigate Engineering Services Pvt Ltd.,

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Dr.R.Shyam Prashad

Mentor -Team Building, Supply Chain Management

Co-Founder - Veg  Route Agri tech Private Limited

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Mentor - Guidance for Farmers Producing Company who are all members in BIC@PU

Chief Executive Officer- EDII-Periyakulam Horti-Business Incubation Forum

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Mr.N.Senthil Kumar

Mentor - Testing - Analysis - Product Validation

Chief Operations Officer & Partner,

Global Lab & Consultancy Services 

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Mentor - New Product Development

Founder & CEO- Nourish Enterprises